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Integrate our OpenAI-compatible API into your application within minutes and seamlessly scale to serve millions of users.

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Thanks to our extensive scale and performance optimizations, our API is the most affordable solution on the market.

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Fast and accurate transcription with speaker detection, translation, and supporting over 100 languages.

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Build your application with our easy-to-use transcription API.

Whisper Large V3

Latest Speech Recognition AI

Whisper v3 is the latest and most precise speech recognition AI model that enables you to quickly transcribe audio from podcasts, videos, meetings, and more into text.

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Speaker Diarization, Translations and More

Our API detects multiple speakers in audio files, supports over 100 languages, handles various file formats, and offers English translations or summaries using our other AI models.

Whisper API Speaker Diarization

OpenAI compatible API

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No matter which programming language you use or which application you build, you can easily use our API to transcribe audio files into text. Our documentation and code examples will help you get started quickly.

-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY"
-F file=""
-F language="english"
-F speaker_labels=true
-F response_format="json"

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