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Speech-to-text has become more popular than ever, especially with the rise of Large Language Models (LLMs) and needed complementary speech-to-text (STT) capabilities. However, most tools are expensive and not as accurate as you'd like them to be. This free speech-to-text tool enables you to upload your audio files for free and get back high-quality transcriptions, powered by the OpenAI Whisper model.

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Use the tool's drag-n-drop area above to get transcriptions of your audio files! While transcription speeds may vary, results can be as fast as 10x the audio length, meaning that a 10 minute audio file can be transcribed in as little as 1 minute. Additionally, Whisper API supports up to 96+ languages and most commonly-used audio file formats.

MP3 to Text, WAV to Text, Diarization, Translation, and More

If you are looking for additional features to your transcription beyond just the file to text, offers additional features such as diarization, enabling you to see who spoke which segments within a transcription, translation, enabling translation from dozens of languages to English, initial prompts, enabling you to provide spelling and conversation context to the API, and much, much more. These features are all available via our best-in-class speech-to-text API offering. Additionally, most major audio file formats are accepted by the API, including WAV and MP3.

Free Transcription of Audio File Example using API

Whisper API, while not free forever, does offer generous free credits to new users. To take advantage of that free tier, simply sign up for an account and begin using the API. Below is a code snippet of how you can call the API with a free API Key you get from the free dashboard.

-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY"
-F file=""
-F language="english"
-F speaker_labels=true
-F response_format="json"

As you can see, utilizing this speech-to-text API is extremely easy. All it takes is an API key, which is free to get and an audio file to transcribe. Additionally, the API delivers next-level functionality out-of-the-box that many services charge a premium for. For this free offering, there is also no credit card required, as Whisper API believes that the speech-to-text service should speak for itself before requiring any commitments from its user.

Free Speech to Text Conclusion

Thank you for using our speech to text free online tool for your audio transcription needs. We hope it met all your needs. If you liked this service and have a need for transcription services at scale using an API, we ask that you check out our speech-to-text API to help support us continuing to offer a free speech to text upload system to the community. If you don't, no worries!